Saturday, December 3, 2011

Indulging my compulsive behaviors - and for a good cause!

It may seem as though my writing has fallen by the wayside these days - but it's not true! I've been writing a lot! And proofreading, and editing and having meetings, and.....

Ok, excuses, excuses. But I have taken on a new project. It went from becoming Chief Proofreader of Online Content (how's that for a title?) to Online Editor. And it happened pretty fast, but I guess that's the way of volunteer organizations, compounded by the ways of Korea.

I've always had a compulsive need to edit things. In many ways, being in Korea has made me better about it, since I can't edit all of the many, many mistakes around me. But I haven't completely let go of the urge, so it sometimes gets me into trouble, like when I try to edit the menu at a bar. They don't like that. So now I'm indulging my compulsive need to edit things in a constructive way. Enter Gwangju News Online.

GN Online is the brand new, online version of the well-established, monthly, English-language magazine here in Gwangju. We're still tweaking the site, but if you want to have a peak, it's here:


I'm also contributing the occasional article to the print version. You can see my writing in December's issue here (scroll to the bottom to browse the magazine). My articles are on pages 20-21 and 33.

Now you can get your fix of Caity Teacher's writing, even when she's not updating her blog like a good girl.